lucky like Luckey

hi, today am gona share the news crashed my mind. yeah, it was amazing to hear and see it.
Today i'd like to speak about virtual reality.
hey. do y remember 10 years ago we observed the revolution in gaming. i'd say it was good effort to create new world but not exactly perfect.

Anyway, check this out. perfect reincarnation of virtual reality.

it's sensation of motion.

now let's see what elders think about this kit

it's really close to reality.

ty mr Luckey. btw he s 21 years old teen who re-desinged previous technology for us and improved it. And he did it perfect.
Also i 'd say ty mr Zuckerberg for putting money in this project. i guess we ll see it on russian market too and enjoy this stuff too!

"Etalon" by Russia

hi. Today i'd like to speak about a new product in Russian(Ukrainian) electric-components production. I am not sure you have heard about russian company Tavrida-electric. The company operates in Russia and CIS basically and this company produces many different electric components. i'd say it is successfull company and year by year i see something new on russian electric market.
i recommend to watch this video.

after watching i'd like to talk about pros and cons of this medium-voltage switch-gear.
Fists of all surely we have to greet the small dimensions of this stuff. it reqiires a little space for installation. Well done!
Also i'd like to approve the new relay protection made by Tavrida and current/voltage sensors. Good idea.
The engineers speak about low cost production and setting of this panels. i didn't see the prices but i trust them.

i didn't work with this switch-panels and i have no experience how it will work through the years. But this is good for installing somewhere in small spaces where we have no posibillity to install another panels.

but i'd like to emphasize this panel works just for not big currents (up to 1600 A) and we couldn't use it for feeding powerful pumps or engines. The second minus - it's too hard to maintain this panel because of small dimensions. i'd say guy like me (190 cm) couldn't stay in the panel for fixing in case of promlem with circuit breaker or cable re-joining. That means better if we remove the panel to the workshop and put another new instead of broken.

Anyway in the big stores or factories where we have little rooms for electric panels setting this panel will be ok and i guess this product will find the buyer on bug russian market.

Transform your world

today i wanted to speak a bit about the interview with mr. Dvorkovish on Davos economic forum but i think it dosent interesting for our history. And i changed my mind after watching this advertisment. it's awesome! i suggest to watch it for everyone who dreams about the future.
Let's check this out

it's wonderful world where we are living right now. not we surely because of russian laziness and corruption but the world across the ocean.

i imagine i can create something with this gadget (HoloLens) and i like creating. i can't say i am advanced in IT technologies or computer's software but this thing shows me i have to know more.

i guess the new technologies open our dreams and show to us what we must have. we want to achieve our goals and do our work perfect and ideal. do y want to do it? i do!

after this video i dont wana think about russian economy or Donetsk bombing because that situation created by not me. After this video i imagine restoring the airport of Donetsk for instance or creating some new ideal buildings and infrastructure.

Anyway this is our future and i dont wana escape from this opportunity to do something better. I believe this technology will allow to do right decisions.

ps am going to find more information about this gadget!

VTB licks Davos's asses


today has began the world economic forum in Davos. And i see russian billioners came here for asking money from EU and US guys. good idea but am not sure it's possible this time when they separate Ukraine. Yeah. we can have opposite meaning of this situation but guys from EU and US have not. And they identified our country like agressor and terrorist. unfortunatelly this is the place to be and i bring to your attention this interview with our "best banker" mr FatGoldWatches Kostin. i'd like to highlight some moments this interview.


Guy Johnson (GJ): Good morning. Your 20th Davos, I understand. Was it a good party last night?

Andrey Kostin (AK): I hope so.

Francine Lacqua (FL): Andrey, it is amazing. 20th. So, the first time you were here was back in ’96, you were telling us, the situation now is so different. What is one thing that people ask you the most? I guess, what is Russia going to go through? How is growth going to pick up? And, what you are most worried about?

AK: People are most asking whether we feel isolated or how do we feel under the circumstances. First of all, we don’t feel isolated. We have got our partners, we have got our friends. That is why we come here to discuss business relationships, to discuss what is happening in the world and how we can go further. ( who are yr friends here mr Kostin?? I guess y look like hungry bloody wolf among the sly foxes and i see they recommend y sell yr gold watches and glasses and show your snout)

FL: But you are taking a lot of pain in business, even if you don’t feel isolated.

AK: We do.

FL: You are taking the big hits. It’s tough.

AK: We have to adjust our business to new conditions, yes, but that is life. I mean, we are, under the circumstances, we have to change our strategy, or rather to change strategy to tactics, I would say.

GJ: Did you think twice about coming?

AK: Not at all.

GJ: Did it even cross your mind?

AK: You know, Russia, starting from the very top and back down to the business community, we are all saying we are not going to be isolated. We want to be part of the world ( are y sure mr Kostin? it's false if you accept the Crimea occupation). And, so, for us, it is vital to continue our relationship with our partners.

FL: What, to sign deals, to look for investors? I mean, this is a conversation that we have had. If you are a Russian sanctioned bank, what is the benefit of coming to Davos? ( let's follow what he said below)

AK: Well, first of all, for us, it is important to conduct business with other banks. Not only investment but just regular business. To see investors as well. We see a lot of our, already shareholders, large shareholders over in France, private investors, and meeting press as well, explaining our position and what we are willing to do and explaining what is happening in the Russian economy and so and so forth. ( inshort - guys, we a good bank , we need yr money but we wont pay back and give Crimea and Donbass back to Ukraine)

GJ: Is the expectation amongst the people that you are talking to that Russia is going to stay in a tough place for a long time? There is a sense that Russia is going to be an issue for business not just in 2015 but in 2016 - this is a new normal - or is there as sense that this is something that is going to be temporary and it is going to pass and the political situation will alleviate itself.

AK: I think economy is like a human body. I mean, sometimes you are healthy, sometimes you are ill. When there is illness, sometimes it is a virus which will end sooner or later - hopefully sooner rather than later - some of them are chronicle [sic.] diseases. Russia and the economy has both. I think, such things as the sanctions for example, or oil prices, I think they will end ( mr Kostin dreams about high prices and long low interest credit rates). Maybe one year, two years. Some, which are structural changes, will have to do. That is the more chronicle disease I would say. So, we have to tackle both issues. But, the situation will improve sooner or later. Everything has ending. I think there will be another cycle so we are just working how to protect our economy from the most negative effects or the latest development.

FL: And of course, the problem depends on how much of a bottom you touch. Give us a sense. First of all, the sanctions were imposed in July of last year. They are up for review again this summer. Do you think that they will be lifted and what is your prediction for the price of oil?

AK: It is difficult for me to say when they will be lifted but we definitely see no reason why they should be strengthened or why they should be kept. I am not a politician because there are definitely geopolitical reasons for this, there is no economic reason for this. But we will very much hope that they will loosen or they will soften and they will allow banks like us to come back to the capital markets and the bond markets, and they will be very important for financial institutions. What about the oil price, again it is difficult to say but I think if the price of oil will fluctuate between 60-80 dollars that will be acceptable for the Russian economy. I don’t think why we should always expect that the prices will be above 100. That is another extreme probably. Russian economy should accept a certain level of prices and try to adjust to the new reality.

GJ: You talk about the bond market; you talk about the capital requirements. You received, it was 100 billion in December. I think that there is another 150 coming in the first quarter.

AK: Probably 300 billion more. (we need more and more and much more)

GJ: Probably another 300 billion more. O.K., has that number gone up recently and is that going to be sufficient capital for the time being?

AK: Definitely it will be enough capital. There will definitely be enough liquidity, the problem is that they all come from the government sources, central bank sources, and that will… what sanctions led to, our process of prioritization, our process of going to the open national markets has been stopped. We have to reverse now to the only source which is the Russian government or the Russian central bank. Of course, this is not the way which we are dreaming about but we have no choice at the moment.

FL: What forecasts do you have for economic contraction? How long is the recession going to be? How much of a contraction are we going to see in 2015?

AK: For me, it seems that this year might be the most difficult for the Russian economy. We definitely have, as we expect, the negative growth. Maybe, around -3% of GDP growth. Inflation might exceed 10% or definitely will be double-digit, but we still feel that probably our clients, the Russian companies, feel still better than probably they felt in 2009 when there was a global crisis and we already have a lot of experience ( mr Kostin if y feel good what a y doing here??), how to deal with a crisis. I very much believe that, though this year will be painful, I think our economy and our businesses know how to deal with the stress and I don’t think that it will be the end of the world for the Russian economy. I think we can survive and I think, starting from 2016, the Russian economy will start to pick up. ( hes good lier but nobody trust him anymore)

GJ: SNP. Let’s talk about the possibility of a downgrade to junk that could come by the end of this month. I think everybody is on tenterhooks waiting to see whether or not that is delivered. Have you been pre-positioning the bank in advance of that, precautionary deleveraging? How does it actually work in advance of such a move?

AK: Only speaking for us, it is not a very big concern because, as I said, international markets closed for us and we don’t have any covenants for previous borrowing which led to a situation where we have to pay early our debt. In any case, I am quite sure that all the external debt will be paid by Russian companies. For example, VTB, this year, have to repay only 3.5 billion dollars of external debt. That is only 2.5% of our liabilities. We have no problem. And then central bank will help other private Russian companies with hard currency if necessary. At the moment, we feel that Russian reserves allow Russian companies to repay the debt and that is definitely the intention of the Russian government to provide support. There is no discussion that we will not repay to the West. That we will punish the West. That is not the issue of course.

FL: Andrey, you seem very optimistic that this, I guess, is a cycle that you will get out of. What do you worry about the most though? There must be something, if there is escalation in Ukraine, is there something that you say, is completely out of my control, like most of the situation and that you are concerned about?

AK: You see. There should still be the voice of reason because, O.K., there is a political situation, a political problem ( he tries to blame mr Putin in his company's debt problem bravo). You know, every war stopped in the history. There definitely should be some reason for optimism and at the end of the day, we should overcome this crisis.

After that our fat general manager went to the sluts and the gold stores because of Russian new plan - purchasing gold in the international trips.

The end.

Yota horror

today i'd like to speak a bit about the newest super smart phone designed in Russia (iam not sure btw :D). yeah the yotaphone v.2 i'd like to say - the try 2. look at the photo - is it something amazing like iphone 5 or 6?? no way. it's usual smart we can find from thousands on the shelfs of the stores. nothing interesting instead of one thing - two screens. wow. two screens - i'd had to say if i have been so impressed. but why i have to buy the phone with two screens?? do i see two screens in the same time? no. will someone see my phone on the subway trip? probably :D
i do not interesting to have 2 screen smart phone. first of all i can smash the prone in case of harsh motion. it's really awful to buy new phone or fix this one after breaking.

also cheak the plastic box. it is perfect? no chance. i am not going to compare this russian miracle with apple or samsung. but when i opened the forum where new users discuss this phone i found new information - lots of bags and uncorrect working. for instance - someone said i can't sent the message correct or this phone don't show the list of contacts or something like that.

and look at the price.

Первый в мире телефон с двух сторон понравится тем, кто любит читать и не хочет беспокоиться о заряде батареи. Два экрана, один из которых всегда работает. Вся вселенная андроидных приложений на обоих экранах. ( the first phone in the world with two both sides screens for someone who loves reading and dosen't take care about charging. One of the screens works all the time. Touch this new android-universe. amazing add :D :D super-duper motto :D

39990 руб. Price 600 $.

is it real price for this smart book?? i have to pay to much for showing it up to my friends and collegues?? no chance!
i prefer the good phone and pop culture, the phone which s real interesting and positive, the phone is getting me smile. yeah. iphone. my choise.

iam so sorry, mr russian producer but this phone crashes my high-tech mind.

a bit about eurounion economy


i decided i need improving my economic english . step by step everyday working.
i got this video and watched it. i can't say i didnt know this situation on euro markets but anyway this information 's vital for me.
in short - we have big eurounion economy where some countries have debts and some countries borrow the money because euro union economy has to be balanced. but the countries like Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy have no super industrial economy and basucally make money on tourists or travellers. Yeah, in 21 century tourism is big and good deal but unfortunatelly it's not enough for paying the debts back to the counties had given a loan.
What we see? wea seening the low income from one part of eurounion and supporting by the second part. but it could be anytime.
this time the crisis hasn't finished and people from countries like Germany and England don't wanna spend money for the rest or travelling, people want to make much more. people after crisis 2008-2009 understood that buying houses isn't good investing policy and selling houses in Italy and Spain has beeb decreasing for the last 5 years. Also the video shows who works hard and who prefers just laying on the beach. in this situation someone could say- why did the eurounion admitted the countries with low money income and big money spending? but i'd say- because the big union can solve big problems. Also big union can unite the coulture and help the countries in case of struggle.
I m not economist and surely cant explain my thoughts correct but what i see. for example - Russia supplies the gas to EU and requires the big pay for this "blue fuel". the one country like Greece or Italy can't pay back all money and forced to borrow from big EU banks. but it's strategic supplying for development all EU and that means the country like Greece could be quiet because big dogs in Germany will take care about this little problem. surely the bankers from Germany will ask any collateral for loans even this bad sitiation the country hasn't nothing for collateral the country can issue the obligations. Right this process could be unceasing and one day the countries like Greece announce bankruptcy for unpayed obligations debt. but the Germany probably will rescue them again. But how the Germany will do it i don't know.

my first explanation of euro economy in english ))) next time i gonna speak about crisis in russia.

life is line of power

hi. the first work day in a new year is gone. it was calm day without any duties, i checked the exchange rate of bucks oil prices and didn't find something new. the same situation on the market we have 3 mounts.
ANYWAY after my job i found one video and watched it. i was impressed.
i'd like to speak about tech again. and over and over again i'd like to compare russian and west methods of public relations. today i wana show this video - amazing motivation for self-development is supporting yr crew and company where y work.

check this out, these guys just power line technicians or electricians but they a really motivated to do something more. This video shows again why the world business trusts in the west companies ( the company on the video is operating in Canada) - because of many successful operations and completed projects and also because of people approving the work conditions.

do y think in major companies like MRSK of FSK (btw right now the FSK is eating the MRSK) we have the same situation? even in oil and gas companies the electrical stuff has the same trainings and the same motivation to do their job perfect? sometimes yeah but basically not. just one thing saves our electricians - the team working. no company rules, no trainings, no explanations. and russian companies offer low salaries for low educations with no experience because of first of all the companies no interesting in stuff development. the management drop them in terrible conditions with windy and snowy weather and temperature -40 degrees. and nobody take care about them, nobody help them. nobody motivate them. do y thing the salary 500 $ is good? espessially when y have to climb on the tall poles (15-20m high) - i answer fuck this system. during my author supervision on oil facilities i have seen a lot of situation when the management gets fired the manpower after making their job or(and) cut their money ...

watch the video and enjoy the power lines construction and fixing and surely people who make it real!

i hope the future will change their minds and our big companies will start putting money in manpower. or our russian economy will be under-construction permanently.

usual guys is power of our economy. support them and they will make y much more money. they a golden Chicken of our prosperity.

sweet for the dessert

losing my virginity

richard branson

hi. today the last holiday's day and tommorow i have to go at work. New Year, new goals, new emotions, new losing and new victories.

And am full of power and ready for new deadlines, new knowledge, new life's lessons.

but what i have to say? today i have read a lot about tommorow situation on russias stockmarket and many people said - that's will be a terrible day. they offered many reasons and many answers why and i was scared to wake up and meet tommorow.

but anyway i guess despite of bad situation in Russia and many factors we have to say - we're realy to losing virginity. yeah. that's right! our peoply willing to lose money, jods, beautiful stuff and new technologies which we recently have had. And what i wanaa say - hello new 2015 year, hello new problems we ganna make desicions.

And why this topic has name of the Richard Branson's book? because of i have read this book last year and i was impressed so much. this book shows the difference between people who find negative everywhere and who find positive everwhere, and also this book gives motivation for new step.

TY mr Branson, i like yr easyway and good mood, and that meens i have to efford for getting smile in terrible situation. stay positive man. yr lifeway is so interesting and no doubt y a the best figure for me last year.

but this dosen's ending. Also today i watched some video about... yeah i guess y understand my new hobby and new hero/ i watched the presentation and factory tour made by Elon Mask. he's nice guide and showed and told to me every detail about our future. Why i trust him? probably because of 5 good launching falcon 9 rockets and Dragon space ships. and 35000 electro cars which were sold last year. by the way when i try to open the site my anti-virus tells me - my connection isn't safe... maybe we have a cuber-terrorist's attack to the site. i don't know. anyway i bless yr business and yr family.

and what i want to ask our russian top managers of major companies?


we need the transparent and cleal business in Russia! after that the world community will make y money power etc. but before this step and opening the information about yr big companies nobody will trust you guys.

but, let's go in tommorow

PS follow the link - and i ensure no regret

russian blogers

hi. today i gona speak a bit about blogers and another persons in russian blogosphere. Despite of my optimism this situation has not been in change for couple of years. i spent 2 weeks for reading different blogers who thinks he or she is popular. i wasted my time. they a monkeys and work just for money.. really they absolutely not interested in russian culture or russian traditions or russian move... no way. they just work for money... they don't being shy to show their cars and kithens and something that costs too much, but where's their souls?? and where's their moving to restoring russia??? absolutely no one shows me that russia is good... just individuals can live there and be happy. unfortunately..

i guess they just try to make some money but also they try to show their success... success in having europian car or italian clothes,,, or new sofas or new travelings... it's boring.

nothing has beed changed for a year...