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Global warming lobby

Hello, today I would touch on the theme that is becoming so popular and discussing almost everywhere - TV, Enternet, blogs, YouTube.
The Topic is - global warming.
After signing and sealing the Paris agreament ( now it becomes the challenge number 1 for global business and countries environment. So

Yeap, I was writing some blogs like that (Tesla, renewables), and would like to write a little more. Just as I understand it is right or wrong. Anyway, let's get started.

So many information you could find on different chanels like : National Geographic or somewhere like that. And they all talking the same thing = oil era is finished. The word- oil now is real no popular and oil companies are dinosaurs and going to die.
They talk about new era, new reality, new renewable sourses - sun. wind. and electric cars like something that came yet.

i dont want to talking about - cost for renewables goes down and will decrease year by year. definitely there is easy for understanding. and there's a try. we can see it from the table :

And capacity of solar and wind renewable energy goes up:

Also we can see the investment in renewable energy is really boosted:

6th times grow for the last decade. there is unbelievable increasing.

Also i'd like to talking about capacity storage. there is known - li-ion batteries.

Some words about electric vehicles, it's going up year by year. Thankfully by Elon Musk.

We can see the company Porsche comes on this market with new concept :

The company Opel made Ampera that looks like new chewy volt and hits by characteristics.

All that means - we have Golden fever in the renewable industry.

Tons of marketing articles, new web-sites, exibitions, global forums and many more. 5 years ago it was unreal but today it's new reality.

All of us seems want to live in cleal world with no oil and gas pollution, with no carbon emission, just clean air and sweet nature.

To be honest this big marketing campaign reminds to me - the dot-com bubble, real estate bubble, shale oil bubble and many more stock bubbles we could see on global market.

So i'd be no suprised if that market will falls down in next couple years... just cause of over grow.

But probably it's just my fears, and nothing bad happen, just we all will see one more big climbing new technologies on global market like appearing the thousands different smartphones after 1th iphone selling.

Ok we ll see the result of global renewable lobby in the next 5-10 years. i guess all of us is ready for taking part on care about climate changing

see you
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