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2 years later, atleast i have started reading that book.
yep, i got it 2 years ago, just took from many interesting books in the desk "sales leader".
but many real different things came in my life after this purchase, so i put it on shelf for better days.

i used this book like just weight for no opening window at hottest summer nights, or like toy for my little sorry mr Walter Isaacson, but i was really no interested in reading despite of my loving Apple stuff. yep i am usual Apple user (iMac, Iphone, Ipad and blah blah blah).. i am addicted by Apple.

so this day came. after reading The Engineer i became so starved for intellectual reading and needed a new story about technical revolution and inventors...

Sure i guess everyone knows a lot information about Steve Jobs.. who is this person and what he did ??? i wont explain his success like inventor or entrepreneur
. but this book not just about his work or about his family. this book is about the Steve Jobs internal world and culture...his behavior and moving in era of computers.

I watched movies about Steve with starring Ashton Kutcher or Michael Fassbender and both of them = not so hot in comparison with Social Network. the movies not reflect Steve's life like it was showed on that book's pages.

But i don't want compare movies and book, i guess its just my opinion.

Just want to say so interesting facts like - Jobs was angry all the time and he was vegetarian ( with many diets competition).

Steve Jobs best quote -" What a fuck are you show me? it's a bullshit, everyone in the street can to do it ".

So many people knows Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak (Apple1,2 creator) but almost no one knows Avie Tevanian (creator OS NeXT, Apple) or Jonathan Ive (Apple designer). And despite of Steve Jobs dictator's style it was a best team in Silicon Valley.

Also interesting fact of arguing with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs about Apple patents. or when the Microsoft started working on software market the Apple was major client for them... The fact that Windows is Apple product what has been stole from Apple ( i mean graphic user field with icons and many more)

I know that fact i almost finished that book is not THE NEW, cause the book went on stores 5 years ago but. i'd say - this book is much better for someone who wants to know some information about Apple development and Steve Jobs and Co personally.

So, that is.
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