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porsche for 35 k $

hi, i didnt write long time again, just was involved in reading the book THE ENGINEER i was writing last blog.
and i have finished ... i was upset a couple days after cause it was amazing travelling in Elon's world. So many interesting facts i found in the book like - Elon s father for 5 children (twins and triples), or Elon like me loving the movie - Lord of the Rings Two Towers .. or Elon has sold Mclaren F1 after launching Tesla Roadster.

So many positive and motiviting stories were founded during the reading and surely also it was brilliant for engineer like me being spiritually involved in the process of creation and progress of the Tesla and Space X.

I'd reccomend to every one reading the book. especially for engineers and innovators. really love it.

But today i'd like to write some words about new Tesla car. The car for everyone. the car with real cool price - $ 35,000. As Elon said during the presentation The Giga Factory and Model 3.

The link is here so you can touch it:

yep, the news isnt new it was some months ago but unfortunatelly i didnt watch it before. anyway i should put it there, there s my life story not your: D
And the question is why i wrote porsche for 35 k $? the answer is: Elon hired the porsche designer for creation the model. I suppose this idea is brilliand cause - everyone wants this miracle car like porshce but the Porsche dont want to make electro car like other car manufacturers.

Anyway - self-driving car + amazing design + 0 CO2 emission = real super duper present for Marry Christmas. but unfortunatelly the car will be delivered just one year later. so you can warm themselfs by offering of this piece of art.
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