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Green Georgia (country)

Hi, today i'd like talkin about the nature in Georgia (country) .

Surely, i guess everyone knows that nature there is like a no touching by people area with beautiful views and real fresh air.

That's a first emotional inspiration when you are here.

The mountains, fruit and vegetables fields, clean water and many more.

But there is just cause of no hard technological manufacturing and production. Almost no fabrication, no big oil consumption.

Everybody know there is no coil, oil, gas extraction. Only natural sources . And if you thinking there is a Edam for people living there - you are totally wrong. Cause Georgians like another people also want and love high technologies, new products, and skyscrapers.

One of example : 7 stars hotel Biltmore opened this summer

Georgians also want technological progress and technological future. The young people love high perfomance and luxury life and surely they will develop that in Georgia.

But. With that high level life development we also can see the government have to use new green technologies for saving the "no people touching enviroment". And there is a coming new projects like solar panels, wind turbines, hydro power plants

Like engineer i'd like talking about that. Just some examples:

one of this: The first Kartly wind power plant (20 MVA capacity) was built and going to being tested in Gory (near Tbilisi). the source:
Thats a major challenge for small country and the goal has been achived.

The second example:

Khudori hydro power plant.
Saguramo hydro power plant and some another plants works or will be starded in next couple years in Georgia.

Thats a also green technologies with no pollution and CO emission

There is a really important - to develop green technologies for saving the planet, and probably the people of Georgia much happy with no having oil and gas fields ! The Georgia is a no touching paradice for people who loving the nature.

In the end: video about georgia
Summer in Georgia

Winter in Georgia
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