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Georgia (Country)

Hi everyone. i write nothing long time cause of my lazyness , but i decided for keeping the blog on. i take some goals again 1) english speaking 2) self development 3) my mind diary. 4) memories 5) happy time and talking with someone

ok, go.

my last year i spent in Tbilisi (Georgia). it was a year, i has abandoned Russia and changed my life like in a song . btw one of the best song world wide. perfect jazz and dnb rhythm and soul voice like touching a heart.

yeah, probably i was wrong, i dont know still but definitely i got real amotions and got big experience living there.

but stop talking about myself, i guess there needs talking about Tbilisi.

i not sure people know who i am and who i have been in past . i am pro electrical engineer with high level exp in oil and gas industry. Being precise i have been pro, but now i got my kids dream - i am photographer. ( you remember Gazprom slogan - Dreams come true ). yeah many years i just thought about that opportunity. opportunity being a nobody and being the artist. i cant say i got that goal today, but i definitely changed my face from Armani to Adidas. it was critically needed for me. and one day i packed my bags. took my little kid and wife and came to airport with one way ticket Moscow-Tbilisi.

well done .

Now one year later i would share my living here in Georgia (country) . if you wana coming there or you are living there you can ask a questinon . I am going to write my impression and my depression here. I wana speak about living here like just a man. Wana takling about georgian causine, fashion, art, music, family relations, law and ordering , traveling, vine, traditions, folk-culture and more. but its gona be next time. step by step.

Now am siting home and writing post. just couple words about my life. just little life memories.
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