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Undisputed Truth


Hi everyone. i didn't type lot of time because of my busyness.
Now i have a time for writing some news.
what i do this spring? Ama reading a book. Yeah baby. i am reader. :D
i got this book at 23 february and gona finish it before summer is coming.
ok well.
this book is autobiography about the one of the best boxers of 20th sentury. hes Tyson. Everybody knows whos mr. Tyson. no no no now that guy who bites the ear :D he has another side and he speaks about his not easy life.
He shares the truth about being on top. about his terrible marriage about his black roots and his agression aimed at bad guys.

Also surely he speaks about training and motivation in that sport. i'd say one thing - it's fantastic case to meet his couch Kas D'amato. he believed in Tyson and he told him - y a the next world champion. And it happened. Amazing prediction.

Anyway if y need a motivation if y think this life is awful and terrible i'd recommend y to read this book. Enjoy the life of the man who's full of success.

He started from zero and became a hero. We still remember him and hes the best puncher in a world. he is the absolute world boxing champion (ok ok former). Despite of my love to Lenoox Lewis i guess Tyson is thesuper man on the ring:D

I do not follow his life but sure i watched his fights. it was brilliant! He ll remain in the history like super Iron Mike.

That's all today, see y later.
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