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GE and Statoil have now announced a new collaboration to accelerate the development of more environmentally and economically sustainable energy solutions to help fuel the future.

originally this article's there -

Some details i d like to highlight below -

The program will focus on developing new approaches to create efficient, low-cost technologies for oil and shale gas production while simultaneously reducing emissions. In its initial stage, the collaboration builds on a foundation of concrete projects already initiated that address key sustainability dimensions of the industry, including:

Reduce flaring and lower CO2 intensity through innovative application of CNG In A Box ™ as part of the innovative Last Mile Fueling solution: Provide a full-service natural gas fueling solution for operations by capturing, compressing, and using natural gas that would otherwise be flared at well sites. Compressed natural gas (CNG) can be used to fuel rigs, vehicles and equipment, thereby reducing or replacing the need for diesel.

Reduce water usage through CO2 stimulation: Use liquefied CO2 stimulation to both reduce water usage in fracturing operations and increase oil and gas production.
Increase fuel efficiency through gas compressor optimisation: Increase performance, efficiency, and extend maintenance intervals through optimisation of gas compressor components.

Increase fuel efficiency with Turbine Online Water Wash technology: Increase performance, and reduce planned and unplanned turbine downtime by cleaning turbines during operation.
The collaboration, in later phases, will also pursue work on a range of solutions, from the rapid scale-up of technologies that help address the operational needs of the industry today to longer-term solutions that can support the industry as it matures to meet tomorrow’s energy needs.

Initial estimates show that the successful execution of these first five projects could result in significant combined CO2 savings. The Last Mile Fueling solution in the Williston Basin in North Dakota has the potential to reduce the equivalent of 120,000–200,000 tons per year of CO2 emissions through reduced diesel fuel usage, while the other projects being developed hold potential for similar, or even larger, reductions. Additionally, the collaboration aims to reduce water usage as well as methane and NOX emissions, while at the same time increasing oil and gas production.

i just wana add some coins in this positie life-trend despite of my 10 years experience in the oil and gas.

2 years ago i didnt expect that is possible despite of my diploma's project - using of renewable energy sources for getting an additional power flow.

Now i suppose this is way we have to go for saving our planet for the future.

Someone could say - a y kidding me? global warming is just a myth and tales of the Green Piece or some relative organisations. Probably yes. i didn't make research of this subject but what i see? i see that era of oil big consumption is almost gone. Next 10-20 years we ll see many changes and our usual things which we're doign this time will be forgotten. Now i see the companies around the globe are trying to reduce pollutions and emission of CO2. Not just because of thinking about the future but because of saving money! i guess just one thing changes the world all the time of human history - money. this thing moves us to change the stuff around us.

we see for instance that gas engine requires much more money day by day. we see that cost of electrical consumption grows up permanently. And not just me is seeing it. The big companies detect this too.

Anyway this article reflects the new ideas, the time of innovations, the beautiful transformation of our minds.
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