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Оригинал взят у mi3ch в нефть

В 1991 году Саддам Хуссейн поджег около 700 нефтяных скважин.
Из истории их тушения. Фотограф Себастьян Сальгадо

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the 4th industrial revolution

Hi, and today night i'd like to talk about new step in industrial production. There is a word familiar to everyone - plastic.

And what i have to say about it - it's everywhere. There is in our houses, cars, in our dreams and reality.

Almost every stuff consist of plastic. like - 30% of every car. 50% in every home. in short. This material today is much more popular than oil and gas. but plastic definitely it's an industrial gas.

And creation new and new kind of that material gives us new technologies.

Today world cant be stabil with no polimer materials. We depend on polypropylene, polyethylene and many more same materials that take place in our usual day.

Like: plastic bottles, meal containers, clothes, shoes, carpets, toys, phones, stuff for daily hygiene, cosmetics, computers, and more.

Polypropylene applications:

Automotive Applications (indoor outdoor stuff)
Household Goods (carpets, tosters, mixers, ovens, smart-technicks, sofas, chairs, more)
Film (cameras, any stuff for movie making like decor or intruments)
Appliances ( all almost 50% made using by PP)
Electrical/Electronic Applications
Industrial Applications
General Purpose

Polyethylene applications:
Toys, utensils, films, bottles, pipe and processing equipment. Wire and cable insulations.

i amd talking just about most popular polimers but there is a variety of materials :

Polymers And Compounds Used In Extruded Plastic Products

ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadine-Styrene)
This material is a terpolymer of acrylonitrile, butadine and styrene. Typical applications include automotive hardware, appliance cases, pipe and plated items.

Most acrylics are polymers of methyl methacrylate (PMMA). Acrylic can be optically clear or cloudy. Used in transparent items such as lenses, automotive trim, household items, light fixtures, decorator items signage and point of purchase display.

EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl - Acetate)
This copolymer resin can be used in adhesives, sealants and coatings. It is found in footwear components, flexible hose, automobile bumpers, toys and athletic goods, moulded automotive parts, flexible packaging and films.

Flexible PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
Unmodified polyvinylchloride is a very rigid thermoplastic. PVC has excellent resistance to water and aqueous solutions. Applications are for pipe, extruded wire covering, toys, bottles, door and window components, film and fabric coatings.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
A thermoplastic available in a range of flexibilities formed by a wide variety of thermoplastic processing methods. Useful where moisture resistance and low cost are required. It is used in toys, utensils, films, bottles, pipe and processing equipment.

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
Vinyl acetate can be copolymerized with ethylene for improved transparency over homopolymerized polyethylene because of a reduction of crystallinity in the copolymer.

PC (Polycarbonate)
Most commonly formed by a reaction of bispenol A and phosgene. Its applications are almost always those which take advantage of its uniquely high impact strength.

PP (Polypropylene)
A thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications, including packaging, textiles (e.g. ropes and carpets) plastic parts and reusable containers of various types, laboratory equipment and automotive components.

PU (Polyurethane)
Principal applications are in coatings, elastomers and foams. The elastomers have excellent abrasion resistance but high hysteresis. Rigid polyurethane foams have become widely used as insulation materials because of their combination of low heat transfer and good cost effectiveness.

Rigid PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
Unmodified polyvinylchloride is a very rigid thermoplastic. Usage of PVC has grown steadily since its introduction in the early 1930s to become a very widely used plastic in applications from films and mouldings to extruded pipe.

TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers)
A family of polymers that can be repeatedly stretched without permanently deforming the shape of the part. Unlike rubber-like elastomers, they do not require curing or vulcanization, as they are true thermoplastics.

TPV (Thermal Plastic Vulcanite)
Widely known as Santoprene™*, typical applications include weather stripping, seals, glazing boots for window seals, commercial glazing gaskets, expansion joints and gaskets.

Typical applications include thin walled packages, pipe mouldings for construction industry and signage.

TPO (Thermal Plastic Olefin)
Thermal Plastic Olefin is a Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomer plastic material with a medium high melt flow, 650 MPa flexural modulus and low CLTE.

Even news about new battery pack on market makes me happy - li-polimer battery with much bigger density but dangerous during overcharging, overdischarge and short-circuit.

Anyway new industrial materials applying almost everywhere - from households to spaceships.

And now the time s coming for explaining WHAT IS A POLIMER CONSISTANCY: it's easy - there is a industrial gases recaived from oil gas or natural gas or LNG gas.

And who is a super big gas-supplyer on global market ?? hm GAZPROM.
But after oil prices falling down - the gas prices made the same circle. And now exporting gas is not the goal number one for Russia. The goal number one -is to stay alive on that super-duper competitive global market.

Where is the way of changing russian economy from oil-depending to independing ? it's a oil and gas chemistry.

And in this direction Russia makes a good steps - we all know the saver of russian economy after 4th industrial revolution : the company SIBUR.

SIBUR is becoming is national compaly also like GAZPROM. There is a most popular chemical company and definitely it's a russian step-forward in post oil-depending economy.

I know many people could say - our supporter is argycultural development and making new groups of food-products. but food isn't revolutionary method, it's oldschool method.

Ok at the end some movies about SIBUR, after watching i even fall in love with channel RUSSIA 24. the documentaries on the channes are amazing and real motivating.

BTW i's sure visited SIBUR headquarters in Moscow https://yandex.com.ge/maps/213/moscow/?ll=37.581626%2C55.677087&z=14&mode=search&ol=biz&oid=1060418488 with business.

Now Sibur is constructing a new factory close to Tobols Polimer - ZAPSIBNEFTEXIM. there is a unreal facility. And after 2020 when this factory ll be complited - i guess Russia will become polimer exporter from gas-export polimers-importer.

In the end movie about SIBUR

Global warming lobby

Hello, today I would touch on the theme that is becoming so popular and discussing almost everywhere - TV, Enternet, blogs, YouTube.
The Topic is - global warming.
After signing and sealing the Paris agreament (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Agreement) now it becomes the challenge number 1 for global business and countries environment. So

Yeap, I was writing some blogs like that (Tesla, renewables), and would like to write a little more. Just as I understand it is right or wrong. Anyway, let's get started.

So many information you could find on different chanels like : National Geographic or somewhere like that. And they all talking the same thing = oil era is finished. The word- oil now is real no popular and oil companies are dinosaurs and going to die.
They talk about new era, new reality, new renewable sourses - sun. wind. and electric cars like something that came yet.

i dont want to talking about - cost for renewables goes down and will decrease year by year. definitely there is easy for understanding. and there's a try. we can see it from the table :

And capacity of solar and wind renewable energy goes up:

Also we can see the investment in renewable energy is really boosted:

6th times grow for the last decade. there is unbelievable increasing.

Also i'd like to talking about capacity storage. there is known - li-ion batteries.

Some words about electric vehicles, it's going up year by year. Thankfully by Elon Musk.

We can see the company Porsche comes on this market with new concept :

The company Opel made Ampera that looks like new chewy volt and hits by characteristics.

All that means - we have Golden fever in the renewable industry.

Tons of marketing articles, new web-sites, exibitions, global forums and many more. 5 years ago it was unreal but today it's new reality.

All of us seems want to live in cleal world with no oil and gas pollution, with no carbon emission, just clean air and sweet nature.

To be honest this big marketing campaign reminds to me - the dot-com bubble, real estate bubble, shale oil bubble and many more stock bubbles we could see on global market.

So i'd be no suprised if that market will falls down in next couple years... just cause of over grow.

But probably it's just my fears, and nothing bad happen, just we all will see one more big climbing new technologies on global market like appearing the thousands different smartphones after 1th iphone selling.

Ok we ll see the result of global renewable lobby in the next 5-10 years. i guess all of us is ready for taking part on care about climate changing

see you

think different

2 years later, atleast i have started reading that book.
yep, i got it 2 years ago, just took from many interesting books in the desk "sales leader".
but many real different things came in my life after this purchase, so i put it on shelf for better days.

i used this book like just weight for no opening window at hottest summer nights, or like toy for my little kid...so sorry mr Walter Isaacson, but i was really no interested in reading despite of my loving Apple stuff. yep i am usual Apple user (iMac, Iphone, Ipad and blah blah blah).. i am addicted by Apple.

so this day came. after reading The Engineer i became so starved for intellectual reading and needed a new story about technical revolution and inventors...

Sure i guess everyone knows a lot information about Steve Jobs.. who is this person and what he did ??? i wont explain his success like inventor or entrepreneur
. but this book not just about his work or about his family. this book is about the Steve Jobs internal world and culture...his behavior and moving in era of computers.

I watched movies about Steve with starring Ashton Kutcher or Michael Fassbender and both of them = not so hot in comparison with Social Network. the movies not reflect Steve's life like it was showed on that book's pages.

But i don't want compare movies and book, i guess its just my opinion.

Just want to say so interesting facts like - Jobs was angry all the time and he was vegetarian ( with many diets competition).

Steve Jobs best quote -" What a fuck are you show me? it's a bullshit, everyone in the street can to do it ".

So many people knows Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak (Apple1,2 creator) but almost no one knows Avie Tevanian (creator OS NeXT, Apple) or Jonathan Ive (Apple designer). And despite of Steve Jobs dictator's style it was a best team in Silicon Valley.

Also interesting fact of arguing with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs about Apple patents. or when the Microsoft started working on software market the Apple was major client for them... The fact that Windows is Apple product what has been stole from Apple ( i mean graphic user field with icons and many more)

I know that fact i almost finished that book is not THE NEW, cause the book went on stores 5 years ago but. i'd say - this book is much better for someone who wants to know some information about Apple development and Steve Jobs and Co personally.

So, that is.

porsche for 35 k $

hi, i didnt write long time again, just was involved in reading the book THE ENGINEER i was writing last blog.
and i have finished ... i was upset a couple days after cause it was amazing travelling in Elon's world. So many interesting facts i found in the book like - Elon s father for 5 children (twins and triples), or Elon like me loving the movie - Lord of the Rings Two Towers .. or Elon has sold Mclaren F1 after launching Tesla Roadster.

So many positive and motiviting stories were founded during the reading and surely also it was brilliant for engineer like me being spiritually involved in the process of creation and progress of the Tesla and Space X.

I'd reccomend to every one reading the book. especially for engineers and innovators. really love it.

But today i'd like to write some words about new Tesla car. The car for everyone. the car with real cool price - $ 35,000. As Elon said during the presentation The Giga Factory and Model 3.

The link is here so you can touch it:

yep, the news isnt new it was some months ago but unfortunatelly i didnt watch it before. anyway i should put it there, there s my life story not your: D
And the question is why i wrote porsche for 35 k $? the answer is: Elon hired the porsche designer for creation the model. I suppose this idea is brilliand cause - everyone wants this miracle car like porshce but the Porsche dont want to make electro car like other car manufacturers.

Anyway - self-driving car + amazing design + 0 CO2 emission = real super duper present for Marry Christmas. but unfortunatelly the car will be delivered just one year later. so you can warm themselfs by offering of this piece of art.

The Engineer

hi, today i'd like to write just couple words about book i'm reading .

There a book about ELon Musk.

I dont hesitate saying i am Elon Musk fun. And enjoy his project and follow his life from youtube or newspapers.

Just nice to see that book.

And the slogan of the book : giving motivation for being engineer for young people who try to do something like starting a project was amazing.

400 pages. i guess there is alot of useful information about how to be a bit succesful. and how to be a bit more positive in that terrifine world.

Btw my next book is going to be

nice weekend, see you

Green Georgia (country)

Hi, today i'd like talkin about the nature in Georgia (country) .

Surely, i guess everyone knows that nature there is like a no touching by people area with beautiful views and real fresh air.

That's a first emotional inspiration when you are here.

The mountains, fruit and vegetables fields, clean water and many more.

But there is just cause of no hard technological manufacturing and production. Almost no fabrication, no big oil consumption.

Everybody know there is no coil, oil, gas extraction. Only natural sources . And if you thinking there is a Edam for people living there - you are totally wrong. Cause Georgians like another people also want and love high technologies, new products, and skyscrapers.

One of example : 7 stars hotel Biltmore opened this summer

Georgians also want technological progress and technological future. The young people love high perfomance and luxury life and surely they will develop that in Georgia.

But. With that high level life development we also can see the government have to use new green technologies for saving the "no people touching enviroment". And there is a coming new projects like solar panels, wind turbines, hydro power plants

Like engineer i'd like talking about that. Just some examples:

one of this: The first Kartly wind power plant (20 MVA capacity) was built and going to being tested in Gory (near Tbilisi). the source: http://agenda.ge/news/66946/eng
Thats a major challenge for small country and the goal has been achived.

The second example:

Khudori hydro power plant.
Saguramo hydro power plant and some another plants works or will be starded in next couple years in Georgia.

Thats a also green technologies with no pollution and CO emission

There is a really important - to develop green technologies for saving the planet, and probably the people of Georgia much happy with no having oil and gas fields ! The Georgia is a no touching paradice for people who loving the nature.

In the end: video about georgia
Summer in Georgia

Winter in Georgia

Georgia (Country)

Hi everyone. i write nothing long time cause of my lazyness , but i decided for keeping the blog on. i take some goals again 1) english speaking 2) self development 3) my mind diary. 4) memories 5) happy time and talking with someone

ok, go.

my last year i spent in Tbilisi (Georgia). it was a year, i has abandoned Russia and changed my life like in a song
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAeotgCHL3E . btw one of the best song world wide. perfect jazz and dnb rhythm and soul voice like touching a heart.

yeah, probably i was wrong, i dont know still but definitely i got real amotions and got big experience living there.

but stop talking about myself, i guess there needs talking about Tbilisi.

i not sure people know who i am and who i have been in past . i am pro electrical engineer with high level exp in oil and gas industry. Being precise i have been pro, but now i got my kids dream - i am photographer. ( you remember Gazprom slogan - Dreams come true ). yeah many years i just thought about that opportunity. opportunity being a nobody and being the artist. i cant say i got that goal today, but i definitely changed my face from Armani to Adidas. it was critically needed for me. and one day i packed my bags. took my little kid and wife and came to airport with one way ticket Moscow-Tbilisi.

well done .

Now one year later i would share my living here in Georgia (country) . if you wana coming there or you are living there you can ask a questinon . I am going to write my impression and my depression here. I wana speak about living here like just a man. Wana takling about georgian causine, fashion, art, music, family relations, law and ordering , traveling, vine, traditions, folk-culture and more. but its gona be next time. step by step.

Now am siting home and writing post. just couple words about my life. just little life memories.

Undisputed Truth


Hi everyone. i didn't type lot of time because of my busyness.
Now i have a time for writing some news.
what i do this spring? Ama reading a book. Yeah baby. i am reader. :D
i got this book at 23 february and gona finish it before summer is coming.
ok well.
this book is autobiography about the one of the best boxers of 20th sentury. hes Tyson. Everybody knows whos mr. Tyson. no no no now that guy who bites the ear :D he has another side and he speaks about his not easy life.
He shares the truth about being on top. about his terrible marriage about his black roots and his agression aimed at bad guys.

Also surely he speaks about training and motivation in that sport. i'd say one thing - it's fantastic case to meet his couch Kas D'amato. he believed in Tyson and he told him - y a the next world champion. And it happened. Amazing prediction.

Anyway if y need a motivation if y think this life is awful and terrible i'd recommend y to read this book. Enjoy the life of the man who's full of success.

He started from zero and became a hero. We still remember him and hes the best puncher in a world. he is the absolute world boxing champion (ok ok former). Despite of my love to Lenoox Lewis i guess Tyson is thesuper man on the ring:D

I do not follow his life but sure i watched his fights. it was brilliant! He ll remain in the history like super Iron Mike.

That's all today, see y later.

Green technology


GE and Statoil have now announced a new collaboration to accelerate the development of more environmentally and economically sustainable energy solutions to help fuel the future.

originally this article's there - http://www.oilandgastechnology.net/health-safety-environment-news/ge-statoil-launch-green-energy-initiative.

Some details i d like to highlight below -

The program will focus on developing new approaches to create efficient, low-cost technologies for oil and shale gas production while simultaneously reducing emissions. In its initial stage, the collaboration builds on a foundation of concrete projects already initiated that address key sustainability dimensions of the industry, including:

Reduce flaring and lower CO2 intensity through innovative application of CNG In A Box ™ as part of the innovative Last Mile Fueling solution: Provide a full-service natural gas fueling solution for operations by capturing, compressing, and using natural gas that would otherwise be flared at well sites. Compressed natural gas (CNG) can be used to fuel rigs, vehicles and equipment, thereby reducing or replacing the need for diesel.

Reduce water usage through CO2 stimulation: Use liquefied CO2 stimulation to both reduce water usage in fracturing operations and increase oil and gas production.
Increase fuel efficiency through gas compressor optimisation: Increase performance, efficiency, and extend maintenance intervals through optimisation of gas compressor components.

Increase fuel efficiency with Turbine Online Water Wash technology: Increase performance, and reduce planned and unplanned turbine downtime by cleaning turbines during operation.
The collaboration, in later phases, will also pursue work on a range of solutions, from the rapid scale-up of technologies that help address the operational needs of the industry today to longer-term solutions that can support the industry as it matures to meet tomorrow’s energy needs.

Initial estimates show that the successful execution of these first five projects could result in significant combined CO2 savings. The Last Mile Fueling solution in the Williston Basin in North Dakota has the potential to reduce the equivalent of 120,000–200,000 tons per year of CO2 emissions through reduced diesel fuel usage, while the other projects being developed hold potential for similar, or even larger, reductions. Additionally, the collaboration aims to reduce water usage as well as methane and NOX emissions, while at the same time increasing oil and gas production.

i just wana add some coins in this positie life-trend despite of my 10 years experience in the oil and gas.

2 years ago i didnt expect that is possible despite of my diploma's project - using of renewable energy sources for getting an additional power flow.

Now i suppose this is way we have to go for saving our planet for the future.

Someone could say - a y kidding me? global warming is just a myth and tales of the Green Piece or some relative organisations. Probably yes. i didn't make research of this subject but what i see? i see that era of oil big consumption is almost gone. Next 10-20 years we ll see many changes and our usual things which we're doign this time will be forgotten. Now i see the companies around the globe are trying to reduce pollutions and emission of CO2. Not just because of thinking about the future but because of saving money! i guess just one thing changes the world all the time of human history - money. this thing moves us to change the stuff around us.

we see for instance that gas engine requires much more money day by day. we see that cost of electrical consumption grows up permanently. And not just me is seeing it. The big companies detect this too.

Anyway this article reflects the new ideas, the time of innovations, the beautiful transformation of our minds.